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Simulation Series

The Miami Military Museum, in partnership with FIU's Jack D. Gordon Institute for Public Policy and leveraging work done by the Council on Foreign Relations, routinely run simulations to enhance community understanding of key historical and contemporary national security challenges. 

Simulations Include:

  • Forecasting Pearl Harbor: An Intelligence Estimate (Developed by FIU and MMM)

  • The Cuban Missile Crisis (Developed by FIU)

  • German Incursions in the Caribbean (Developed by FIU and MMM)

  • Collapse in Venezuela (Developed by CFR's Model Diplomacy)

  • Cyber Clash with China (Developed by CFR's Model Diplomacy)

  • Unrest in Bahrain (Developed by CFR and MMM)

  • Crossing the Desert during the Gulf War (Developed by FIU and its partners)

Contact us for details or to inquire about running these simulations with your organization.

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