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From Vietnam to Desert Storm

Our third gallery first concerns Army Reserve units that drilled at the building during the Vietnam Era. Army units such as the 324th General Hospital were stationed at the building.  Soldiers rotated in and out, often as they were called up to go overseas to serve in Vietnam. When the Army moved into a modern new Reserve Center on 137th Avenue, the Marines moved in.

The last use as a military headquarters was in the 1980’s as home to our local Marine Corps Reserve Center.  A company of Marines with HumVees and TOW (Tactically Operated-Wire Guided) Missiles was the primary unit. In August of 1990 the Marines were mobilized to go overseas to join Operation Desert Shield. January 17, 1991 began Operation Desert Storm to liberate Kuwait. Our local Marines were in the thick of the fighting. They returned to a new Reserve Center in Hialeah. 

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